Maya Escobar, Quito, external volunteer 2011

My experience at Casa Victoria Foundation has been the best! I could share many enthusiastic
moments with children and other volunteers from different parts of the world. My principal task
was to help and to explain them how to do homework. The children are lovely, sweet and polite
with all of us. In other side, the time I give them is a way of retribution for all beautiful stuff I
have had in my life with God’s help.

Seth Ludwig, California, Internal Volunteer 2009

Casa Victoria is such a great example of community. Whether it is a weekly lunch with rich and
poor, or the kids programs, or even Mom’s club – Casa Victoria unites el barrio San Roque and
the city of Quito. I learned so much about making new friendships and about embracing a
community when I lived at Casa Victoria. The people are what make the place. Its a nice house,
but it all means nothing without the love and compassion that the people who support the
Foundation bring. One of my favorite single memories is the day we made gua-guas de pan
with Edwin Riofrio (El Panadero) and began a life-long friendship. Los Riofrio are the most
generous people I know, I cherish their friendship.