Para reflexionar… Mateo un pequeño de 5 años nos enseña una gran lección de cómo dar sin restricción

Mateo, a little child teaches us a big lesson in GIVING
(written by Alex Tejeda, loosely translated by Mamalicia)

The other day, Dan found a nickel (a five cent coin) in Casa Victoria, and as a generous gesture, he gave it to Mateo, a five-year-old who attends Casa Victoria´s program and happened to be right there. Mateo, in his innocence, felt a great treasure had been given to him and proudly showed it off to the other children—probably making plans how he would spend it: buying toys, candy, saving some to buy some more later…

Seeing Mateo´s elation about the money, the other children started to look for Dan to see if he would have any other coins for them too. Dan trying to gain composure in front of the children, showed Casa Victoria´s “Piggy Bank” where we place dimes, nickels and pennies, and explained to them that instead of asking for money, they could give.

Simona and Tamia, the 6-year-old twins, naturally curious, asked:

-what are all those coins for? Pointing to the transparent, large plastic jar that doubled as our Piggy Bank.

–they are for buying the house next door because our dream is to make Casa Victoria larger to take care of more children”, answered Dan in the midst of a dead silence of approval from the children. Mateo got closer and opened his hand, and with a big grin, said to Dan:

-I also want to help to buy the house next door”. And he put his treasure in the plastic Piggy Bank!

How similar this story is to the Bible´s about the poor widow and her coin!

Mateo gives us hope that we will achieve our goal of getting the house next door.