March Student Spotlight: Lisseth

005One Tuesday this month Lisseth was chosen to help us prepare and serve the snack of the day. We had prepared sopa de verde for the kids.  Lisseth is 5 years old, and very petite. Her apron almost drug on the ground it was so long for her! She took her job very seriously however. She may be small, but her servant’s heart is already so big! Lisseth immediately started to pass out spoons, and took the bowls up to the other children one by one. When we weren’t looking though, she tried to grab a whole tray and take it up the stairs! We took it from her before she fell or spilled, but she demonstrated her desire to serve in this and many other small acts. She still helps out serving every time she gets the chance. Needless to say, we noticed, and we were inspired. Thank you Lisseth!

News from the Library


March 19th, 2014

Last week I was given charge of the library for the next few weeks. At first, I was unsure of what to do. However, I knew that my love of literature was enough to help me find great ways to inspire the same in the kids. The first few days, we stuck to the routine- reading a book aloud and passing it in a circle. But, there were some issues: the other kids didn’t pay much attention to the child who read, and those that did listen didn’t really remember anything that happened in the story. I wanted to engage them in a different way. So, I tried something new. I allowed them to choose a book, and then if they wanted to take that book home, I would write down their name and the book title. On Tuesday, it was chaos. They were so HUNGRY to read! All of them wanted to take a book home.  By Thursday I had a system that helped things go smoothly, and by the end of the week almost 70 books were checked out in all. Some of the kids even read their books in one day and returned them the next to check out another! I am so excited to see them so excited about reading, and I can only hope that their desire to read and learn continues to grow.


Yesterday we also had some volunteers from Go International come and help us reorganize the library, which was a huge blessing!

– Danielle Summerfeldt, Volunteer