November 2001

Fundación Casa Victoria was created—Acuerdo Ministerial # 2288, approved in the Ministerio de Bienestar Social.

December 2001

The property is bought with funds obtained by pooling resources of ten people from the USA and Ecuador.

First Board of Directors:

Jose Luis Viteri, Carolina Matheus, Graciela Ortega,

Monica Bourget, Mario Alberto Galeotti

Founder, Alicia Duran-Ballen

February 2002

First MINGA to restore the house– Tearing down inner partitions of inner patio and corridor, by group of 12 Ecuadorian volunteers.




June 2002

Second MINGA to paint front exterior by group of Ecuadorian, North American, Romanian friends


October 2002

First ´house-parents´ couple, Tyler and Cheryl Stinchcomb, come to live with two young interns: Gastón Picone from Argentina, Esteban Jaramillo from Ecuador.  We rented rooms and a tiny apartment at La Tola, from Carlos and Lily Rios.  At the same time, Jose  Luis Viteri y Carolina Matheus spent four months training in Youth Mentoring programs in Uganda, Ethiopia, Guatemala.


February 2003

Support for Youth Mentoring Program given by North American foundation.  This program consists of several young men living in community with the ‘house parent’ couple and several young street boys, to learn the Principles of Jesus and to serve and help together with the restoration of the house which will be used, when completed, to serve the community of San Roque, Quito.


April 2003

Restoration of house at Imbabura street begins officially with  Architect Jose Luis Viteri in charge.  Carolina Matheus is Director of  the Foundation.  They too receive support from USA donations.  Volunteer residents were: Nick Parmley, Leo Echeverria, Mat Harrington.

August 2003

Jose Luis Viteri and Carolina Matheus convince FONSAL ( Fondo de Salvamento,  an autonomous entity adhered to Quito Municipality,  which funded restoration of historic houses in Old Town, Quito)  to take care of the complete redoing of the roof and ceilings of CV—done within 9 months.

June 2004

Started renting house next door at calle Ambato.  House parents: Jon and Megan Young. Start Neighborhood Walk Program.  Resident Volunteers: Bill Swensen (who in 2009 marries local girl, Irene Orozco; she is our trained Librarian)  Esteban Jaramillo,  Andrés Congo, Lenin Pavon, Dario Guevara.


Restoration continues through donations and volunteers, individuals and teams from Ocean Hills Church, Sta. Barbara CA visit every year.


Get support from team from Tennessee, headed by Rusty Goodspell.  Kitchen is finished and equipped through this donation.  Another team from Newport News, VA, headed by Brad Brewer from CNU, does 1st presentation video of CV; holds first Christmas Party in VA as fund raiser.  Starts  CV blog at casavictoria.blogspot.com

Pre-inauguration on April 2007 – celebrated at Casa Victoria with around 60 guests: from former President of Honduras, Ricardo Maduro, former President of Ecuador Sixto D-B, several officials from Municipio, the FONSAL, to many local friends, neighbors, as well as friends from Latin America and USA.


Quito City Hall holds contest for financing  social development project.  CV presents the Library and Computer Center Project for the neighborhood´s  children.  CV wins.  Both are completed in one year.



Kids Club begins once a week. Dan and Alicia Gheorghita live at CV for a few months. Dan paints several rooms of house.    Starts scholarship program with Ecuador Mi Pais—10 children receive scholarships which help them remain in school.  This program is coordinated by Carolina Matheus from CV.


Third house-parent couple to live in CV—Jon and Anna Eshelman.  Rigo Baldenegro marries local woman, Rocio,  at the house, officiated by Jono Shaffer from Ocean Hills Church.  Tareas Dirigidas (after-school homework help) begin.  Moms Club (Bible study) begins.

September 2008

New Director, Carolina Bueno, is appointed.  Funds are raised for her salary.  Volunteers Charlie Beck and Seth Ludwick are at CV for one year.  Charlie does 2nd promo video of CV. He starts and finances domain as casav.org


Carolina Bueno accomplishes several things:  gets CV to become part of Mesa de Voluntariado, a United Nations-sponsored group of NGOs to promote and get volunteers;  reinforces External Volunteers Program with SIGVOL, Mundo Joven, Cotopaxi Academy, local Universities. Carolina Bueno starts monthly Ropero—used clothes collecting and sales–as fund raiser. Starts CV on facebook and Twitter. Sal Perez, Mexican-American resident volunteer starts  daily Bible teaching and praying with the children.

May 2010

Carolina Bueno resigns due to illness; Alicia Duran-Ballen is Director interim, mostly via SKYPE.  Sal Perez is head volunteer, and Alexsa Ortiz acts as Administrative Assistant.

September 2010-Sept. 2011

Alicia D-B is appointed full time Director for a year.  Raises support for her salary.  Moves into Casa Victoria.  Directs major repairs in house, especially  hot water and bathroom issues.  Starts transition from resident guys program to  resident girls program. Starts working on web page; gets  a few more local and foreign funds and donations.  We have 40 children for our after school program.

Coordinates resident volunteers’ stay at Casa Victoria. Works hard on public relations with City Hall officials, local leaders, local Police Precinct, and neighbors; opens up Casa Victoria for the Neighborhood Committee meetings once a month. Gets several in-kind donations.

Summer of 2011

Mentors first girls resident program during the summer. Eight young people from the USA and Ecuador live in Casa Victoria for 2 months, serving the 50 children who attend daily Casa Victoria and growing in their faith and relationship with Jesus.

September  2012

Dan and Alicia Gheorghita move in to live at Casa Victoria permanently.  Dan helps many repairs and maintenance issues in the house.  Alicia is re-elected and serves as Director until 2015.  New accountant, Jenny Tituaña joins the team doing an excellent job.  The number of children has increased to 60.  We start a very successful way of structuring the After School Program: we establish 6 Stations: Computers, Homework, Bible based Values, Library, Crafts and Games.   We divide  the children into 6 groups of 10 children each, according to age, from 5 to 12. Thanks to Dawnnielle Miller from Alexandria, Va. who organized us in this manner.

December 2012–July 2014

Casa Victoria is awarded a Grant from local Bank Foundation: CRISFE, which finances Technical Assistance project, as well as major flooring renovation of several rooms; helps with salaries of three coordinators; and monthly support for groceries to prepare hot lunches for the children that attend CV.  This is the first time we are able to provide this service to the children.  It went on for two school years,

January 2013

Two major support agreements occur:  1) Fundación AVA, a local organization which has provided  Christmas gifts for the children, backpacks with school supplies for each child, cleaning products for Casa Victoria, personal hygiene products for each child. 2) ECUASANITAS, a medical insurance for each child to be taken care of, providing check ups, initial exams, emergency care, hospitalization and surgery, if needed, of all children registered in Casa Victoria, indefinitely.

May 2014

First volunteer group of 20 from CNU, Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Virginia, stay at Casa Victoria for two weeks.  Several projects such as painting, garden work, mini soccer field, are completed by the group. They are a tremendous help to Casa Victoria.

December 2014

Bonner  Group students with leader Brad Brewer stays at Casa Victoria as their hands-on out of country project.